We Appreciate You
Dear valued neighbours, guests, friends, & family.

We are delighted to have you back with us again to share in the music, the food, the drinks & the social togetherness we’ve missed so much. Our One Duke team will do everything to ensure your well-being making you feel safe & comfortable.


We have put in place a set of house rules that include safe distancing, staff & guest interaction, use of washrooms, ordering & more. These reasonable ‘rules’ will work well if we accept & follow them collectively as a team.  


Covid-19 ONE DUKE PATIO Etiquette

Reservations & Walk-ins - 905 540 3853

  • Reserved seating will guarantee you as spot.

  • Walk-ins are accepted but call ahead to verify open seats. 

  • Seating will be done in time blocks of 2.25 hours. 

  • After the 2.25 hours all guests must leave. We require 15 minutes to clean tables, sanitize, & prepare for the next reservations.

  • Time slots 7 Days 
    12PM    2PM    4PM    6PM    8:30PM
    Maximum 6 to a group. 



  • There will be no table side service except on occasion when certain circumstances deem it necessary.  Outside staff will wear PPE

  • Guests are to order at the take out window serviced by staff.

  • Food, drinks, & other requests will be processed at that window.

  • Payment taken at the window. Debit or Credit cards preferred.
    ** You will be reminded to keep a 'safe distance' at the window. 



  • The washrooms are available for 1 guest at a time.

  • All washrooms are cleansed by us after each use.


Safe Social Distancing:
Our tables are spaced according to health requirements. 

  • Your table is the only table you are to associate with.

  • No mingling, table hopping, etc. 

  • Please follow the directions on the ground for walking traffic
    & respect your neighboring tables.

  • We must enforce these safety rules for everyone’s benefit & failure to comply will be addressed immediately.



  • No Smoking on or within 15 ft. of the patio (by-law).
    If you must we ask that you do so across the street.

Covid-19 Tracking:

Names, phone numbers, & e-mails will be required at the time of booking in order to keep track for Public Health.

Prior to your reservation being confirmed we ask that you respond to this e-mail indicating acceptance of the terms & conditions.

Confirming that no one in your group has experienced the following:


  • Have you or anyone in your party traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days?

  • Are you or anyone in your party experiencing Covid-19 symptoms?  Which may include the following:

    • cough

    • fever

    • difficulty breathing

    • pneumonia in both lungs


We are all in this together & we are all learning day by day. We can only do our best following the guidance & guidelines of the
as well as applying our own common sense, consideration & respect for one another. We will come through this.
It should also be noted that our 'staff' are all tested with a calibrated temperature guage before starting shifts; this is recorded daily.